Top 7 Tips That Will Boost Your Productivity At Home

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Get ready for the day

Working from home shouldn’t be a free pass for hanging out in your PJs. Working from home requires the right mindset. Getting dressed could be part of your morning ritual. If you’re someone who has trouble focusing, having a little morning ritual can help you be less distractible. Rituals can play an important role in increasing your focus. Studies show that environmental cues can make your brain enter a focused state

Dedicate a workspace

Setting up a dedicated workspace at home will help you separate your work and normal home life. You might even find it useful to avoid distractions and be more productive. Also, having a standing desk that keeps your brain active which can lead you to get things done faster. It can also put you in a professional mindset. 

Plan what you’ll work on

Make a list of 3 important tasks the night before that must be done the next day so when you wake up, you have a clear idea of what you’re working on. This will help you to avoid starting the day by getting distracted by your emails or wasting time getting organized in the morning. Usually, when you wake up, you’re in a clear headspace so working on something will be more efficient.

Use music

Music can be your biggest ally. Listening to music does not only allow your brain to tap into certain emotions but also, certain music can increase focus and cognitive performance. So picking the right background music can boost your productivity. Bonus, it can help reduce or manage stress.

Avoid the Social Media Trap

If you’re someone who automatically reaches out for your phone and taps on the Instagram icon. It might be useful to either put your phone on airplane mode while working on tasks that need mental effort or to put your phone in another room. This will help to be less distractable and stay in the zone. 

Develop a workout routine

Working from home gives you little chance to be active. Staying active isn’t only a way to stay healthy but the impacts of physical activity on your brain are plentiful. Being at home can drain your energy and alertness. Do a mini high-intensity workout so you can keep your energy levels up and stay wired. 

Schedule breaks

Working from home can blend in with your life. Turn off and schedule breaks to keep yourself from feeling burnt and overwhelmed. After a few hours of focus, your brain automatically becomes less responsive. Scheduling breaks will help you come back to work refreshed and a new perspective so when you hit a wall, don’t keep going. Additionally, this can bring a new perspective into your work and spark creativity.

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