Getting Started with Terpenes

Welcome back to another edition all about terpenes! In this chapter, we will delve deeper into what you need to know to get started with cannabis terpene blends.

Terpenes in a nutshell

To recap, terpenes are natural compounds found in plants and contribute to their characteristic aromas. With smell being such a powerful tool—linked with memory and nostalgia—it isn’t surprising that we are starting to hear more about terpenes

So what makes cannabis strains different from each other? The terpenes! Each strain contains 5 main terpenes—limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene, linalool, pinene—at varying percentages with more than 300 total to create each unique profile.

Harmony e-liquids use specially crafted terpene blends in every Original CBD e-liquid

Terpenes have similar characteristics to essential oils, so as you can imagine, they should be used in the same way. At the moment, you can find them in various commercial applications; such as cosmetics, foods, and vaping.

Don’t forget, terpene blends are concentrated liquids so you must dilute them before use! Also, do not apply directly to your skin!

Getting Started with Cannabis Terpenes

We offer some suggestions, but terpene blends are a DIY product, so feel free to play around with them however best suits you. Don’t forget, terpene blends are concentrated liquids so do not drink or apply directly to the skin. As a general rule, they should never be used in a concentration of more than 3%

Some guidelines for terpene use: 

  • In e-liquids up to 3%
  • To liquify your extracts at up to 3%
  • In oil at a maximum concentration of up to 3%

To reach 1-3%, use 2-6 drops of terpenes for every 10 grams (ml) of oil or extract.

Harmony Cannabis Terpene Blends

Singling out raw materials that represent the truest expression of nature—hand selected to recreate to most popular cannabis strains around the world.

Our terpene blends don’t come from cannabis or hemp but are developed to match the flavor profiles of specific strains of cannabis. This means they are naturally THC- free. 

Available now in 10 hand-crafted blends! You now have the tools you need to harness your favourite strains!

We love to talk terpenes! Leave a comment or send us an email and we can answer all your questions!

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