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Harmony CBD e-liquids

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of over 400 compounds found in hemp belonging to a class of molecules known as cannabinoids. A non-toxic compound extracted from the hemp plant, it is known for many different applications—from e-liquids to oils, cosmetics to food products.

PG (Propylene Glycol): PG is used as a base in most e-liquids. PG is non-toxic and has no odor. It is responsible for the “throat hit” sensation that you may have heard about. We use PG in our e-liquids to dissolve CBD. It also helps to best deliver the complex terpene aromas found in each flavor.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin): VG gives a light, sweet taste when vaped. VG is more viscous than PG and is responsible for the amount of vapor during use. It is widely used in vaping, beauty and food products.

Terpenes: Terpenes are the botanical compounds found in the natural essential oils of plants. Terpenes are responsible for the smell and/or taste of their plants. Hundreds of terpenes must work together to create the aromatic and flavor diversity found in nature around us.

CBD: Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of over 400 compounds found in cannabis belonging to a class of molecules called cannabinoids. It is extracted from the hemp plant, is non-toxic and is known to have many different applications. CBD is used in e-liquids, oils, cosmetics and a variety of food products

We provide various CBD concentrations designed to meet the needs of both those that are new to CBD as well as more experienced vapers.


  • Daily vapers will prefer 30mg CBD or 100mg CBD as they vape often and are looking for affordable e-liquids.
  • Occasional vapers will prefer the 300mg for a more concentrated dose of CBD per draw.
  • Experienced CBD users will tend to enjoy higher concentrations such as the 600mg or 1000mg Pure Base.

Our products contain CBD but no THC so it won’t get you “high”. It is important to understand that they are not medicine. They do not treat or cure any disease, physical ailment, or condition. Harmony e-liquids are made for adult smokers only. With Harmony CBD e-liquids, you can enjoy a great taste and at the same time, be sure about what you are vaporizing thanks to our high-quality control standards. It is a good way to discover and safely vape CBD but you should not think of it as a medicine.

Our e-liquids contain a base of 80/20 PG/VG, which provides for the best CBD vaping experience and keeps good stability of our formulations. We don’t use any emulsifier in our e-liquids.

No, Harmony CBD e-liquids don’t contain THC or nicotine. The CBD used in Harmony products is thoughtfully extracted from industrial hemp strains that contain high concentrations of CBD and low concentrations of THC. We purify CBD from the hemp extract to ensure that we don’t have THC detected in the analysis we run with independent laboratories on a monthly basis.

Harmony Pen & Starter Kits

Thanks to its pre-filled CBD cartridges, the Harmony CBD Pen is the easiest way to get started in CBD vaporization. It is the most affordable CBD Vape Pen Starter Kit on the market. Harmony CBD Pen is made for adult smokers only. Each disposable 1ml cartridge contains your choice of one of Harmony’s best selling terpene infused e-liquid flavors. With 100mg of pure CBD in each cartridge (10% by concentration), these are great “starter” cartridges last for up to 400 puffs. To get started with CBD today, just plug & play!

  1. Screw the cartridge onto the battery
  2. Draw a breath through the mouthpiece
  3. The tip of the Harmony CBD Pen will glow a soft blue. This  indicates your pen has enough charge to vaporize
  4. Enjoy!

Harmony CBD Pen cartridges are disposable for quick and convenient use. We do not recommend refilling with more e-liquid once finished. There is a number of reasons for that, the first of which is that you cannot replace the coil as it is part of the cartridge. This means there is more of a chance of burning out the coil when refilling causing a burned flavor. Activating the battery when the coil is not working can also damage the battery.

Harmony CBD is similar in consistency to most of others e-liquids, so feel free to vape it at your preferred wattage. In general, we advise keeping the setting between 10-30 watts depending on the coil you are using. This will provide a great flavor while not vaporizing too much e-liquid. Vaping at higher than 40 watts can alter the flavor by disrupting the delicate terpene profiles.

Nope! You don’t need any special CBD vaporizer to vape Harmony CBD e-liquids. You can use Harmony e-liquids in any vaporizer or e-cigarette setup—including mouth to lung clearomizers, sub-ohm tanks, and RDA’s. If you are not an e-cigarette expert, no worries! We offer JoyeTech eGo AIO for people looking to start vaping. This short tutorial will get you started in no time!

Harmony Terpenes

Dilution is required! Never vape directly this product. Do not drink. Terpene blends are concentrated liquids so you must dilute them before use! We don’t recommend exceeding the percentage of terpenes to more than 3% of your base liquid.

Terpenes are compounds found in the natural essential oils of plants that give them their smell and taste. Hundreds of terpenes work together to create aromatic and flavor diversity in most of the plants on Earth.

Our terpene blends are made of just that, terpenes! They may include but are not limited to, limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene, linalool, pinene and terpineol extracted from various plants. Our terpene blends don’t come from cannabis or hemp but are developed to match the flavor profiles of specific strains of cannabis. This means they don’t contain THC and are legal everywhere in the world.

Our expert team analyzes the complete aromatic terpene profile from beloved cannabis strains. Then, faithfully reproduces them using the highest quality terpenes—not cannabis. We hand select ingredients for their most distinctive qualities before blending them into the delectable cannabis flavors the world knows and loves. We make hundreds of prototypes and get them tested in user studies to make sure our flavors are the tastiest possible.

Yes, you can dilute our terpene blends and use them for an enhanced flavor in vape products. Make sure you use our guidelines for dilution, and never exceed 3% terpenes.

Terpenes have similar characteristics to essential oils, so as you can imagine, they are used in a similar way At the moment, you can find them in various commercial applications; such as cosmetics, foods, and vaping. Our terpene blends are a DIY product. Don’t forget, terpene blends are concentrated liquids so you must dilute them before use and be sure to not apply them directly to your skin! The recommended dilution varies between 1.3-3% dilution for e-liquids. Find out more information on the recommended dilution factor for your blend here!

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