Welcome to the search tool that allows you to check the quality of our products and the CBD that was used to make them. Simply enter the Batch ID of your product below to access to the certificate of analysis.

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What is a COA?

COA stands for Certificate of Analysis. Harmony tests every single batch of CBD with independent, third-party laboratories to ensure outstanding quality. We also periodically test finished products for their cannabinoid content. Our search tool will enable you to see all the COAs available of the product you bought. This will either be the COA of the CBD used for production, the COA of the finished product, or both.

What is the batch number?

The batch number is the code we use to identify the products we make. Depending on the product it looks a bit different and you can find it in different places.

Where can I find it?

CBD Vapes: You will find the batch number (6 numbers plus a letter, separated by “-”) on the label of the bottle next to the expiration date. 

CBD Vapes Pen: The batch number (6 numbers plus a letter, separated by “-”) is on a round white sticker on the back of the packaging, together with the expiration date.

CBD isolates: The batch number (4 numbers plus a letter, separated by “-”) is on a round white sticker on the jar.

CBD oils: You can find the batch number in two places. On the bottom of the bottle and on the box. On the bottom of the bottle, you can see the batch number (6 numbers plus 3 numbers, separated by “-”) and the expiration date. On the box, you can find them on a round white sticker.

What should I type?

Just type the first 6 numbers (or 4 in case of CBD isolate) of the batch code into the search box. Ignore what comes after the “-”, this is just for our internal quality control. The result of your search will be either the COA of the CBD used for production, the COA of the finished product, or both. In certain cases you will see multiple COAs for different products (for example different flavours of e-liquid) that carry the same batch number. Simply click on the one that represents your product.

How to read lab analysis results of CBD products

It is easy to get a little bit confused when looking at our analysis results and seeing numbers that seem to be lower or higher than what they should be according to our packaging. But don’t worry, there is an explanation and, of course, we make sure you get the right amount of CBD in each of our products!

For your convenience, our packaging always tells you how much CBD is in the whole product container and how much is in 1 mL of product, so you don’t have to use a scale to find your perfect dose. 

However, 1 mL of liquid can have a weight different from 1 g, depending on the type of product. At the same time, analysis labs report their results in weight or percentages! 

To save you from the headache of doing lengthy calculations, we created some handy conversion tables for all our CBD products for you.

Vaping products

Conversion table for flavoured Harmony e-liquids and cartridges:

CBD mg / mLCBD mg / gCBD %

Conversion table for Harmony Pure Base:

CBD mg / mLCBD mg / gCBD %

CBD Oils

Conversion table for Harmony CBD Oil:

CBD mg / mLCBD mg / gCBD %

Please also always keep in mind that there is always a deviation (uncertainty) of +/- 10% in Cannabinoid analysis results.