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UK Cheese


Known for its signature musty cheese smell, UK cheese terpenes blen this aroma with hints of berry. A popular hybrid, don’t judge this blend by its name!

Candy Jack


Candy Jack intertwines Caryophyllene and borneol to craft a herbal yet spicy delight. Another hybrid with the famous Jack Herer, it is sure to impress.

Critical Jack


Citronellol and alpha/beta-pinenes weave together notes of lemon and pine. A hybrid cross between Critical Plus & Jack Herer this flavorful floral blend is a favourite of many



Deriving its name from its fruity, dessert-like aroma, Gelato Terpenes comes from the cookie family. Limonene for a drop of lemon and camphene to keep it pleasantly cool.

OG Kush


A true classic, OG Kush is a unique and world famous strain. With almost equal parts Myrcene, limonene & beta-caryophyllene OG Kush Terpenes boast a balanced yet complex profile with strong earthy notes. 


Lemon Haze


Zesty citrus peels will come to mind when indulging in this lemony favourite. You can thank limonene, ocimene and terpinolene for the refreshingly tangy aroma of Lemon Haze terpenes.

New-York Diesel


Sweet & spicy is the name of the game. Phellandrene—a terpene found in eucalyptus among others—is responsible for the spicy blood orange notes you will find in this blend of New York Diesel Terpenes.  

Pineapple Express


A world famous strain, Pineapple Express terpenes blend prides its unique fruity flavour on alpha/beta-pinene. An energetic blend of pineapple, cedar, and pine it is perfect for any application.  



Filled with green notes, Amnesia terpenes' earthy blend is lightened with lemon & citrus to start your day right.

Sour Diesel


Invigorating and pungent, like its name suggests, Sour Diesel Terpenes have notes of orange to enrich this blend thanks to limonene and terpinolene.

Cannabis Terpenes for DIY lovers

Our terpenes blends are tasty, affordable and compliant everywhere in the world. Available in 5ml or in bulk, our terpenes gives you access to the aromatic profiles of the top cannabis strains – for the most affordable price in the world. We single out raw materials that represent the truest expression of the strains to recreate to most popular cannabis flavors with zero traces of cannabinoids, PG or VG. This product is not an e-liquid. It is 100% Pure Aroma. Never drink, vape, or apply to skin directly without dilution. Follow the instructions carefully. Don’t forget, terpene blends are concentrated liquids so you must dilute them before use!